Casitas Magicas

Cosmic Homes Designed with the power of the Sun. 

Most of use live in low energy, bad designed homes that drain us. Homes are meant to heal us and love us not kill us. With my professional background in Architecture and my training as an Earth Acupuncturist, I can design Casitas Magicas, Magical Homes, designed with a specific frequency to let the inhabitants truly rest, be at peace and feel alive.

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Tiny Passive Home

Tiny Home Plans

Are you ready to build your dream home?
I have designed and sold over 50 digital plans of my tiny home designs to help people live the minimalistic and freedom lifestyle by having less to live more.

If you would like a custom tiny home design you can contact and she will give you the highest quality of design with over 5 years of experience designing all types of tiny homes on foundations and on wheels.


Additional Services

If you are interested in harmonization services, birth mandala, sacred structures then you can read more about it here:


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