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Cosmic Homes Designed with the power of the Sun. 

Most of use live in low energy, bad designed homes and drain us. Homes are meant to heal us and love us not the other way around. With my professional background in Architecture and my training as an Earth Acupuncturist, I can design Magical Homes, designed with a specific frequency to let the inhabitants truly rest, be at peace and feel love. 

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Chakra Path

This is an Chakra Path created with sacred geometry of the place through the placements of stones and orientation.

Did you know that back in the day, cathedrals used to be designed with the chakras? They were designed with sacred geometry and were intended for healing.

We go through our lives cleaning our homes, clothes and shower our bodies, but we forget that our energy also needs to cleaned and reset. This is the power of the chakra path.
The first square represents the frequency and geometry of the first chakra and when standing in the center of it, you will experience the opening of the chakra. You walk up the chakra path to open up and align the next chakra until you get to the end. If you would like to build your own chakra path, e-mail me first to know if your land is a good fit for this and see if you have the right tools to build it.

Harmonize your Home

The earth is full of vortexes. Once I counted all the vortexes in my bedroom and I found 15! My room was 10ft x 12ft so not large and full of good and bad vortexes. When we sleep on any kind of vortex, we are intruding the electrical signals that the brain is sending to the rest of the body, therefore not being able to recover completely at night. Vortexes are energy, electricity and if being in one for too long, we can experience illness, fatigue, and other discomfort in our body.
I harmonize homes by feeling the water veins that go through the house and then harmonize those water veins because they are the ones carrying the energy and vortexes.

I’m currently in Spain, so if you’d like a house harmonization consultation you can contact me at:

Birth Mandalas

Birth Mandalas are a powerful way to re-calibrate your energy and chakras in only 30 minutes. The acupuncture made with the bamboos are done with your personal numbers: birth date, time of date, location of birth, and height. This is your sacred space and for you to go back to whenever you feel lost and stuck in this world of electricity and negativity.

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