Casitas Magicas


Casitas Magicas are tiny homes designed with sacred geometry, creating a certain energetic environment that is harmonious, healthy and balancing for the habitants and the land. 

The benefits of living in a Casita Magica is that you will live in a high frequency space, raising your personal frequency and therefore living in health, happiness and harmony within your body.

Our world is super advanced in technology, but is still in the medieval era with health, a true quality of life and being able to truly enjoy every moment. 

The purpose of a casita magica is to be designed with the intention of providing the highest quality of life through the implementations of passive solar design, energetic geometry and a beautiful efficient design for all inhabitants. 

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Higher Frequency

Feng Shui is the Interior Design of Energy. Sacred Geometry is the Architecture of Energy. Have you ever entered a house and just felt a bad vibe in it? It probably had bad geometry, is built over water veins and is causing stress to the body instead of health and peace.

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Better Health

When your environment is healthy, balanced and high energy, then your health will improve. We are made from our environment. Change something in your environment, and you will change as well.

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Happy Life

What if you could enjoy the every moment of your life? not only after you get paid, or you get recognition or you obtain your goals…but now, simply because you are living? Casitas Magicas allows you to enjoy more of the present moment.

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Casita Texas


Casita Magica for a father and his son to start a new life

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Casita Malibu

Malibu, California

Modern and organic casita magica for a hipster couple

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Casita Passive

Lofoten, Norway

Tiny Passive Home designed with passive solar qualities to live an off the grid lifestyle.

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